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 *****Rules & Requirements***** PLEASE READ FIRST

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PostSubject: *****Rules & Requirements***** PLEASE READ FIRST   Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:12 am

If you are interested in being apart of Shadow Company Fleet, their are some rules and requirements that must be understood and followed before joining.

Info About Shadow Company Fleet
Shadow Company Fleet is a very competitive fleet on Nebraska(Iowa) server. In Shadow Company Fleet member must follow certain rules or consequences will be given. We take fleet events very seriously, but also do enjoy the community side of things. We always try to do our best at having as much fun and enjoyment from this game as possible.

Shadow Company Fleet is a very respectful fleet and is to maintain these qualities. I hope you take your time and read everything as it will lead you to success in this fleet.

- Teamspeak 3 is a must. You must have Teamspeak for all fleet events, even if you can only hear and cannot speak. Teamspeak is open to public.

If you already have TS3 installed on your computer please click this Link: SHADOW COMPANY DIRECT TS3 LINK

If you don't have TS3 installed please go here to install:TeamSpeak3 Client

- Must be willing to take constructive criticism. One thing this fleet will strive for is skill. We are here to help players improve their playing, but understand we are only suggesting/helping you.

- Must be active. Anyone inactive over 3 nonths without notification will be removed from the fleet.

- Fleet jumpers are not tolerated. If you would like to join, you must remain loyal to the fleet.

-Do not come into the fleet asking for credits or premium items. If you do, you will be kicked.

- Applications will not be allowed if you are in or applying to another fleet while applying to Shadow Company Fleet.

- Any disrespect towards other fleets will result in a serious consequence. In game or in a public forums.

- Do not ask when you will be accepted.

- Check forums daily.

- Respect Everyone in and out of the fleet.

- All NF rules must be followed.

- ANY problems must be sent to deathenemy or any other officer and will be dealt with accordingly. If you pursue the problem yourself, then you are both at fault.

- If you are accepted, you must meet an officer in-game and then you will be given full forum access.


Good luck on your application and thank you for choosing Shadow Company Fleet.
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*****Rules & Requirements***** PLEASE READ FIRST
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